Top 20 Cool gifts for Dad

Top 20 Cool gifts for Dad

Father’s Day

[ is not the only occasion for gifts for Dad ]

With Father’s Day approaching we are bound to get into thinking of the best gifts for our Dads. We know, it might seem difficult to find the coolest gift for your hero, but no worries – we are here to help with our diligent selection of the gifts that will make your father’s day.

Remember – 17th of June 2018 is not the only day when your Dad deserves a treat. 😊

gifts for Dad

Tips for selecting the Coolest gifts for dad

  • Put the out-of-box-thinking Hat ON Yes, selecting the perfect and cool gift might seem a hopeless task especially when You are uncertain what to look for. Open Your mind for different possibilities – nothing can go wrong with a bit of creativity and a splash of humor, as long as it is done with love and from your heart.


  • Budget: setting budget helps to determine the range of gift search. Remember, showing appreciation doesn’t have to break the bank, what counts is a thoughtful gesture that will make him feel special. The genuinely happy reaction certainly does not have a price tag.


  • Type of Dad: before falling into the gift world filled with endless options, stop and think about your Dad – what does he like? What is HE like? What are his favorite hobbies? Is he a BBQ expert or maybe a secret talent in fashion? Is he active in sports or he prefers a good book in a comfy chair? Whatever it might be, make sure you take his character into account while you select the gift. This will help to come up with the ideal and cool gift.


  • Personalised: whatever type of gift you choose, consider making it personalized with engraving or a monogram. Personalising a gift is a sure way to honor your Father and make him feel exclusive.

Top 30 Coolest gifts for dad

1. Helicopter Flying Lesson
2. Personalised LightBox ‘’10 Things I love about Dad
3. Personalised Shaving Kit
4. Drone with HD Camera
5. Leather Jacket and personalized T-shirt set
6. Dad’s Rucksack
7. Classic Tie Gift box set
8. Personalised Football book
9. Personalised Golf set
10. Personalised Face Lollipop
11. Apple I-watch charger
12. Personalised wallet
13. Personalised Daddy Cool Washbag
14. Personalised beard kit
15. Personalised Shaving Razor
16. Personalised silver bracelet
17. Personalised Cufflinks
18. Personalised BBQ Tools
19. Personalised Parker Pen
20. Personalised Photo frame

1. Helicopter Flying Lesson – Price from – £89

gifts for Dad

Give something to Your Dad he will never forget – the Ultimate Helicopter Experience! Flying a helicopter incorporates 3 different key factors: flying, navigation, and observation. Has Your Dad dreamt of being a pilot since he was a child – make his dream come true! Maybe he has never told you of this dream, however, this experience will make him feel like a Hero of the Action movie!






2. Personalised LightBox ‘’10 Things I love about Dad’’ – Price from £38

Gifts for dad

We know there are millions of reasons You love Your Dad. How often you tell them to your DAD? Why not select at least 10 of them and put them in this wonderfully personalized lightbox to remind how special Your Dad is? We have no doubt this will make Your Dad feel special each time he glances at it.








3. Personalised Shaving Kit – Price from £36

gifts for dad

It is a perfect gift for a well-groomed Dad. Your handsome Dad will appreciate this stylish set of shaving tools that could be personalized to make him feel that he ‘’owns it’’. We call it practical and unique, we are sure Your Dad will be thrilled to shave again and again.










4. Drone with HD Camera – Price from £139

gifts for dad

Skip the cliché gifts this Father’s Day and get Dad something he’ll really love. Wake up His inner child by giving him a cool quality racing drone to explore places above and beyond and make him feel ‘in control’. We are sure Your Dad will happily brag about this to all his neighbors.









5. Leather Jacket and personalized T-shirt set – Price from £110

gifts for dad

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad the one who always looks great, knows all about the latest trends and what to Wear on special occasions? In this case, you can’t go wrong with a piece of clothing making him look like one of the kind. What about a leather jacket combined with a personalized cool T-shirt – we believe no matter the age Your Dad can still rock and roll his looks! 😉






6. Dad’s Rucksack – Price from £40

gifts for dad

This is a great gift for style conscious fathers or fathers-to-be! This would be a practical gift as it will comfortably fit in a gym kit, laptop or even used as an overnight bag.

Little outdoor hiking backpack has unlimited possibilities. Headphones hole design for listening to music help you relax while traveling. It also can be served as a daypack, college or high school bag, professional business trip backpack for laptop or outdoor hiking, casual travel for men, women, teens and unisex.

External USB charger port with built-in charging cable offers a more convenient and easier way to charge your phone, tablet and other electronic devices of this USB travel backpack. Just connect your power bank to the internal cable, then let your charging cable insert the USB port to connect your device.

This professional slim backpack waterproof made of durable polyester fabric with smooth metal zippers. Comfortable and breathable sponge mesh design of the back and straps, meaning it’s more comfortable carrying a heavy load, relieve the stress off your shoulder.

A good choice on the go – Fashion laptop bag with sturdy luggage belt lets you pull suitcase with one hand, great for school, university, everyday work, business, trip, camping, and hiking.

7. Classic Tie Gift box set – Price from £24


gifts for dadYou can never go wrong with giving something classic such as a set of a stylish tie, handkerchief, and cufflinks so that your Dad looks cool and handsome at every occasion. You can choose from various options of styles and colors to meet Your Dad’s style requirements.









gifts for dad

Why not making it even more special by considering an additional personalized tie clip for just £7.99? Please click here to get the personalized clip.




8. Personalised Football book – Price from £60

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad a serious football fan and will do anything it takes to be available to watch his favorite team playing a match? We discovered the coolest gift for your dad – Personalised Football book!!! This individually bound hardback book is gifts for dad and an approximately normal tabloid size for easy storage and handling, and also holds all of the major sports reports of your selected team up to the latest coverage from the last season. It’s not anything like the boring history books that you usually find – this one provides exciting newspaper reports to give you a real insight into what happened! You can make it personalized by adding a personalized message and Your Dad’s name. We have no doubts this will be his favorite book EVER!





9. Personalised Golf set – Price from £40

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad a fan of Golf? We found a perfect gift that will score you a great wave of His happiness – a Personalised Golf set! This set includes a great looking golf shoe bag with matching quality Tri-fold golf towel. Personal touch – embroidered initials and gold logo. This special gift will make him stand out of the crowd for sure!






10. Personalised Face Lollipop – Price from £40

gifts for dad

If You are looking for a gift Your Dad will not be expecting, especially if loves his reflection in a mirror, has a sweet tooth and is up to a laugh – have a look at this Personalised Candy Face Lollipop. He will receive exactly what he looks like in a candy form.






11. Apple I-watch charger – Price from £10

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad the type ‘who has everything’ (including Apple Watch) and nothing could surprise him? Well, we believe this lovely Apple Watch charger will take his breath away and always remind him of the most important times.







12. Personalised wallet – price from £24

gifts for dad

We believe each time Your Dad would get to use his Personalised wallet – it would make him proud.






13. Personalised Daddy Cool Washbag – Price from £10

gifts for dad

This would be a very special and practical gift for the coolest Dad in town! Why not gather all the kids around and choose between different hairstyles and clothing to capture his unique signature look. The bag is made from a hardwearing cotton canvas fabric and the roomy design allows it to hold lots of his grooming products. It makes a stylish accessory to the bathroom or is super handy to take on holiday or to the gym.







14. Personalised beard kit – Price from £25

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad that charming handsome guy whose beard is out of control? No need to be searching no further than the Personalised Beard Kit. The kit comes complete in a zipped canvas bag that features a large but well-groomed beard on the front. Inside the bag is everything a man needs to look like a dapper gentleman! Kit contains beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil and facial moisturizer. The front of the bag can be personalized with a name featuring his unique beard design. We believe this could be a really cool gift for your cool Dad!



15. Personalised Shaving Razor –  Price from £33

gifts for dad

Do we have an answer to the question – what to give to the man who has everything? Something as subtle as this classic gentlemen’s wooden handled razors refillable with Gillette blades. You have a fantastic option to add a monogram on the handle for a personal touch and choose a unique design of the case.





16. Personalised bracelet – Price from £25

gifts for dadPreserve a message You want to tell Your Dad to last forever in this lovely silver bracelet engraved with text. This gift would make Your Dad feel special, treasured and will always remind him of Your love.





17. Personalised Cufflinks – Price from £25

gifts for dadWe believe Your Dad would be impressed with these beautiful cufflinks that he could proudly wear at any occasion. These gorgeous cufflinks feature the coordinates of your special locations etched in relief and a secret message. What a fantastic and symbolic treat it could be for Your Dad!




18. Personalised BBQ Tools – Price from £45

gifts for dadIs Your Dad a man who loves taking charge of the BBQ? Then we would like to suggest a perfect gift set for the King of BBQ! Boys love having their toys and we bet Your Dad will absolutely love these:

BBQ Tool Set: This classy canvas BBQ tool set makes the perfect gift for those who enjoy cooking al fresco. The tools are made from a high-quality ash wood and stainless steel, making them extremely hardwearing and durable. To make it that bit more special the front of the case is personalized with the wording of your choice.  We bet Your Dad would be thrilled to Host his BBQ party as soon as possible and all the guests are in for a treat!





gifts for dad

Steak Iron: This branding iron comes with a full set of letters that can be slotted into a frame to personalize your steaks with a short message. The handle can also be engraved with a special longer message to make it a really cool gift for Dad.





gifts for dad


BBQ King Apron: What is a King without his gown? To complete the BBQ King set here is an inevitable option – personalized apron. You can personalize your apron with your choice of wording perhaps – ‘’BBQ King, famous for his delicious burgers’’ or ‘’BBQ King, legendary for his spicy pork ribs’’. How cool is that?






19. Personalised Parker Pen – Price from £17

gifts for dad

Is Your Dad the one who has a lot of writing involved on daily basis? Even if not, we believe this is one of the key essential things for a man to own. This could be a perfect gift for him to always remind him he has raised a great kid! Engraved at NO EXTRA cost with any message of your choice.





20. Personalised Photo frame – Price from £11

gifts for dad

Capture the moment with a lovely wooden frame to display that all important or memorable photo of a dad’s first Father’s Day. The frame has a solid wood finish with the engraving of “Daddy on Our First Father’s Day” and “Thank you for being the best Daddy in the world” on the bottom part of the frame. There is a stand at the rear so will sit flat on any surface. Available in different sizes please select the size before order.






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